Neu Freunde, warum nicht?

Diese Woche is so wie Katastrophe zu Hause. I war krank seit Montag letzte Woche danach absolutely könnte nicht Haushalt arbeiten. Vier von uns haben ja Fieber, von mir, Afiqah, Arfan und Aqila und dann nochmal wieder wie ein Kreis, Subhanallah… Möge Allah SWT lass […]

Learn from others, it should be great !!!

All you can eat is would be satisfy your tummy, but if you do not have any patient or self care the it would be terrified. It’s also for this week challenge, after i found my family here then asking me to learn from other […]

My New Homeschooler families

I meet them, homeschooler Families. It was the first time in Indonesia, finding online group with similarity mission or vision? By gathering homeschooler from around Indonesia, sure I want to meet them personally, family to family, sharing each other our potential. Is it great idea, […]

Bear with it !!

Truthfully, i want to start driving but we didn’t decide to buy a car yet because having prior another plan to do. Using By using public transport somehow make us to be real living as local as mostly Indonesian. Sometimes we can escaped from traffic […]

Let’s feed me !

Ziel !!

Warming You Up !!

Starting new semester, i have to warming up kids after holiday season. Creativity is my key to keep them on track. Please, be kind to us…. Our Homeschooling Journey, SihonoFam

Upgrading skills?

i am still not sure it’s all my skill should be acknowledge and upgraded. Ist skill or activities what i should do. Wish to review more bout this  

As New Homeschooler Family

Okay, i didn’t post any yet here about our moving from Germany. In shaa Allah next post, I promised ! (Because it’s included on my bucket list haha) Being new homescholler, having deschooling part is normal ofkooors. Not easy though but still bear with that, we […]

Blended Learning, yuk !!!

Blended Learning, yuk !!!

“Whoever learns something in the name of Allaah, seeking that which is with Him, he will win. And whoever learns something for other than Allaah, he will not reach the goal, nor will his acquired knowledge bring him closer to Allaah.” [Hasan Al Basree, related […]

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