What Best Friend Means to Me?

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Things come and go but best friend is always here with me sincerely. Didn’t see me based on price tag, based on my position, based on anything, but who is ready to offer an ear to listen and share anything what i need the most.

At first, when i tried to direct message her without any challenge but only for fulfill my curiousity, why his full name on my contact list is. I am still guessing it…. And we both didn’t have any answer for this. haahaha

I can say that she texting me sincerely, no copy paste based on task, because she also gave me a gift one day before the challenge out. i am so surprised exactly that in this era, where competitions absolutely spread in every part and i dislike it so much huhuhu

I want to be part in colaborating not competition, hiks

I want to grow and learn together not as a winner or as the best person

This link is my first gift, check it out !

Lala, familiar name for me. I just remember that i contacted her through my Germany number, sure would try to turn on the number soon ^^,

Coming from Jepara, Centre Java describes her so humble person, i knew for sure she is capable and has so many experiences about Homeschooling. Lucky me to know more abouth this kind person, trying to help and asking what i need regarding my mind to explore more and having family friends as our Homeschooling partner.

If you wonder what i  got from her^^

And ofkors i made also for her ^^




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