My New Homeschooler families

I meet them, homeschooler Families. It was the first time in Indonesia, finding online group with similarity mission or vision?
By gathering homeschooler from around Indonesia, sure I want to meet them personally, family to family, sharing each other our potential. Is it great idea, isn’t it? Then road trip should be soon into our plan!!

We all agreed to name this new family as 24 School. Feels like truly us !!
Our classroom is as large as sky and earth and also in unlimited study hour. Eheeem… and everyone should be happy by playing role in this class as player, partner, explorer and me also as parents should be as learner though.

From this, I got a lot of informations about PKBM near of me, great activities (camp, club and pramuka) and other great idea to explore with kids and even books as our literature. Ma shaa Allah…

Actually, I joined here as Bunda Cekatan challenge. We have to find our new family that has similarity desire after made some points in mind map and curiousity list. And fortunately, just “click” at the first sight then decide to be part of this family, lucky me ^^

If you curious about HS, one of our family has podcast that you can hear solemnly here . For you that curious How it feels by starting to be as HSer? Here you can read also . And How about schedule, is it as like as formal school ? and how to manage kids? Let’s deeply read here All these links is conducted in Indonesian.

At the end, most of us have relatively same vision and also can inspiring idea topic each other. Alhamdulillah.

Below, i attached literatures that maybe you need also.

They shared also about adab… this is really great !!!






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