Bear with it !!

Truthfully, i want to start driving but we didn’t decide to buy a car yet because having prior another plan to do. Using By using public transport somehow make us to be real living as local as mostly Indonesian. Sometimes we can escaped from traffic and have another better choice, is it sounds great, right?

My kids also can learn the struggle site of course. No one could refuse to get cozy, pleasant and comfort zone, right? But this part, teaching kids at any occasion would be as amazing stories!!!

Actually, i had driving license 7 years ago and then expired. Now, i should have one and thinking to recall my memory and then get the license honestly no more corruption. Because driving license europa is the most expensive and difficult i ever thougt.

I am so blessed to get the idea from Ayu that we should know “the strong why” why we have to bear with it.
You can do it, bun !!

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