As New Homeschooler Family

Okay, i didn’t post any yet here about our moving from Germany. In shaa Allah next post, I promised ! (Because it’s included on my bucket list haha)

Being new homescholler, having deschooling part is normal ofkooors. Not easy though but still bear with that, we should be enjoyed what we do in learning. Not only in indoor, outdoor classroom or even in playground.  I’ve planned and discussed about our plan to do homeschooling with family 3 years ago before we decide to move. At first, still doubtful and never get confidence myself then after being as facilitator in parenting class online, I got something to convince myself that we can do because we need it. So blessing that my husband also trust me and let us be as the best teamwork.

Language barrier is the first ever reason. My children speak good in Deutsch but here it’s not common language. Mostly Indonesian speak English as secondary language and learning Deutsch only for someone who intend to move or study in Germany. I do always speaking Indonesian in our house, informal of course so that they can also understand what cousin, uncle or grandma are talking about.

Exhausted? Yes. Anything at first, I ‘m always tired, feel messy, facing unpredictable moment or sometimes want to end it soon. Day by day by founding better management time, concept, ritme, etc is really fun!!

Loooove so much do playing everyday as learning. Discussing without any doubt to present what their thought and shy. Becoming more confidence with big applause, encouragement and also appreciation. No more critics, I make them to re thinking the better one. There is no true and false, but true and not completely true. Positive Affirmation is a must in our every project.

I’m just thinking, is it my passion? Is it the reason here I am ? It feels like me time or we time for me.

Another reason, the difference between Indonesian and Germany curriculum has so big gap. So we have to sprint to reach that. Sometimes, I used Germany worksheet because their learning concept is better and also do adapting in Indonesian curriculum.

You can see here, how we do deschooling part. Monday until Thursday we do sprint in learning concept and then on Friday, going out learning together with another HSers.

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