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Die cast

Die cast….
mainan tapi bukan untuk dimainin… lha?? terus apaan donk?? pajangan kali ya yang cocok mah…. (red: bukan mainan)

This is one of my hubby’s collection and I?? what’s my role to this site? yes, i am the cleaner!! not only but also as good listener 😀
wkwkwwkwk basi banget yaks???
Fortunately, as we clean it together, he always tell me how this die cast’s role in the real… starting from garbage truck, how to collect the trash without any touching n never smell it…. and they have schedule to take it n never let it left behind.
When i was listening him, he make it real by demonstrate it with this die cast to help my mind better 😀 Nice share, Dad…. 😀

These trucks also have different stories…
He said that everyone there who’s driver this trck always be proud of themself unlike here, Indonesian….
Inside it, they feels like in luxurious car, but not here…
These trucks also prove us that there were very good road which doesn’t get ruinous….

One of fast food restaurant advertised there… 😀

– All stories here, he got from staying for 10 months in Sydney, Aussie –

Thanks for sharing, Dad….
*yg lg kuangen ber ton ton sama yg lg di trieste*
Dad, kirimkanlah foto jepretan di venezia muuu…..

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