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huwaaa??? is it really an offer to me??? *still unbelieve* hehehehe it is kind of starting point of my vision that “bakul kue” wannabe, hehehehe
Unfortunately, my body is not fine, there are a lot of tasks of my job that should be done before the deadlinet tomorrow and this order should be serve also at tomorrow. I am sure it is only a few steps that should be through by optimistic. Yes, i am sure i can, halaaahh….

Thanks so much Ms. Gati for the order, hopefully will be an repeat order 😀
Ms Gati Testimonial:
“enyak enyak enyak…..

pas banget rasanya mel, excellent! Ada yang kurang seh, kurang bgt n gak cukuuup satuuuu!!!”

” the taste is great,delicious, excellent! One is not enough…!”

this Tiramisu, i made from basic sponge choco cake with coffe taste n also tiramisu cream, such a delicious cake….

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