Tuing Tuing dasar tulaliiiittttttttt

How’s busy i am as full one child mom πŸ˜› *only morning be4 go to work*–> eleh2,since got married, my phone rarely rings anymore :P….
it keeps my mind that nobody want to call me in important, except my hubby and family.
Now, saturday morning, still on working time…… *look at right n left side* why everybody here dosn’t use daily dreecode??? everyone use free dresscode, oh god, i let my message unread πŸ˜› there was one message from my boss that told me it was free dresscode day, Oh god, whereas, i ‘ve told my hubby to bring a set of my clothes, we plan to going out to Titan πŸ˜› *can’t wait in patient*. He’ll pick me up @ d office, huhuhuhuhu *view up and down my suit*
Never do it again!!! keep eyes on next information πŸ˜€ ya sutraaalaaaahhhh

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