:D Fondant tutorial….

ya ya ya …. finally, should be brave to write here in english. Hohowww…my evening class’ll start again next month, May and it should be the time to prove my score, grrrr really want o pay off my old failed admissions 😛

Lha? is it fondant or score dscussion?? hehehe go back here to the fondant….

this sugar icing always catch my eyes more than one hour of my working time, hehehehe *hope my boss never see this site :P*…
however, i still don’t courage to explore it *how’s expensive it is!* by mw own hands, i am sure it doesn’t easy as its tutorial. How’s lucky me! although can’t follow fondant class becoz saturday is still my working time *junior employee* huhuhuhuhu i can see the tutorial from Youtube uncle, hehehe He is very kind site, very interesting, informative, enjoyable, and complete :D….

Sometimes this uncourage feeling is supported by my family taste, they’ll never look my cake by how’s difficult and cute this cake!! they only interest on chocolate chocolate and chocolate…………hoahhhh…actually, i am really bored on chocolate, ooohhh….choco again choco again, when the truly chef’ll come if it try only on chocolate??? *Ngarepdotcom* kekekekekekekeekke

take a fun with fondant here

😀 let’s cekedooot………….

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