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What Best Friend Means to Me?

  Things come and go but best friend is always here with me sincerely. Didn’t see me based on price tag, based on my position, based on anything, but who is ready to offer an ear to listen and share anything what i need the […]

Reflection on Learning

Hello, It’s time for me, evaluating and keep me stay on my track. What i got after playing around and seeing, watching and reading from others. Would like to write down here everything i got and shared, stay tuned!      

Give and You Will Find Treasures !!


Almost for 3 weeks we all had been Influenza symptoms. It was really worst for us. Having fever for one to another and get it back in circle during 3 weeks, absolutely not comfort at all. Feels tired, fever, bitter taste and also i don’t have any power to do household cores and also our HS schedule should be postponed. So teribble !!

And now my third baby sometimes getting fever and also throwing up after eat something as snack, main menu and anything, hiks

Thinkng that this is as their first raining season in Indonesia, i didn’t have any high expectation at all. i just doing in slowly, wait and keep them vitamins, fruits and soup full of warm, ginger, garlic, pepper and also peterselie as breakfast and appetizer. Alhamdulillah they love it and still have appetite.

Okay, back to topic hehehe

This weekend i have challenge to give gifts to another, who had been know each other before on online of course.
I got a feedback of course, but sadly one of them not appreciate at all, she took it as joke as like as no important at all after thanking me. So let her go ! simple, right? ^_^

And fully thankfull for 5 others to always bring sincerity and also gave me the best gifts i ever have. May Allah grant you and take you in the best path for anything… aamiin

And then there are different gifts but in same spirit of course ^^


Diambil dari tulisan Khalida Haque dalam buku
The Muslim Homeschool Quarterly

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deepbreaths.”
-Etty Hillesum-

  1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it
    2. Say exactly what you mean
    3. Don’t be a people pleaser
    4. Trust your intincts
    5. Never speak badly about yourself
    6. Never give up on your dreams
    7. Don’t be afraid to say no
    8. Don’t be afraid to say yes
    9. Be kind to yourself
    10. Let go of what you can’t control
    11. Stay away from drama and negativity
    12. LOVE

“You cannot pour from an empty cup”  -anonymous-
Tambah semangat belajarnya sehingga bisa memberi pa yang kita sudah kita dapatkan. Be brave !

I have read this book 80%, slowly but sure and deep in my hearth. actually bring me back my spirit to do as mom, as homeschooler family. When others didn’t trust me, doubt it and getting me tired, this is like pills for me, take me cak to my track.

the links that i know on had been there also ^^

The difficult gift i gave, because i should learn it more to fill my cup. Lucky me !


And what i got i will compile in one drive and let you know in one click (soon to be updated)^^

Thanks for read, guys !

Neu Freunde, warum nicht?

Diese Woche is so wie Katastrophe zu Hause. I war krank seit Montag letzte Woche danach absolutely könnte nicht Haushalt arbeiten. Vier von uns haben ja Fieber, von mir, Afiqah, Arfan und Aqila und dann nochmal wieder wie ein Kreis, Subhanallah… Möge Allah SWT lass […]

Learn from others, it should be great !!!

All you can eat is would be satisfy your tummy, but if you do not have any patient or self care the it would be terrified. It’s also for this week challenge, after i found my family here then asking me to learn from other […]

My New Homeschooler families

I meet them, homeschooler Families. It was the first time in Indonesia, finding online group with similarity mission or vision?
By gathering homeschooler from around Indonesia, sure I want to meet them personally, family to family, sharing each other our potential. Is it great idea, isn’t it? Then road trip should be soon into our plan!!

We all agreed to name this new family as 24 School. Feels like truly us !!
Our classroom is as large as sky and earth and also in unlimited study hour. Eheeem… and everyone should be happy by playing role in this class as player, partner, explorer and me also as parents should be as learner though.

From this, I got a lot of informations about PKBM near of me, great activities (camp, club and pramuka) and other great idea to explore with kids and even books as our literature. Ma shaa Allah…

Actually, I joined here as Bunda Cekatan challenge. We have to find our new family that has similarity desire after made some points in mind map and curiousity list. And fortunately, just “click” at the first sight then decide to be part of this family, lucky me ^^

If you curious about HS, one of our family has podcast that you can hear solemnly here . For you that curious How it feels by starting to be as HSer? Here you can read also . And How about schedule, is it as like as formal school ? and how to manage kids? Let’s deeply read here All these links is conducted in Indonesian.

At the end, most of us have relatively same vision and also can inspiring idea topic each other. Alhamdulillah.

Below, i attached literatures that maybe you need also.

They shared also about adab… this is really great !!!






Bear with it !!

Truthfully, i want to start driving but we didn’t decide to buy a car yet because having prior another plan to do. Using By using public transport somehow make us to be real living as local as mostly Indonesian. Sometimes we can escaped from traffic […]

Let’s feed me !

Ziel !!

Warming You Up !!

Starting new semester, i have to warming up kids after holiday season. Creativity is my key to keep them on track. Please, be kind to us…. Our Homeschooling Journey, SihonoFam

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