Month: February 2020

Give and You Will Find Treasures !!

  Almost for 3 weeks we all had been Influenza symptoms. It was really worst for us. Having fever for one to another and get it back in circle during 3 weeks, absolutely not comfort at all. Feels tired, fever, bitter taste and also i 

Neu Freunde, warum nicht?

Diese Woche is so wie Katastrophe zu Hause. I war krank seit Montag letzte Woche danach absolutely könnte nicht Haushalt arbeiten. Vier von uns haben ja Fieber, von mir, Afiqah, Arfan und Aqila und dann nochmal wieder wie ein Kreis, Subhanallah… Möge Allah SWT lass 

Learn from others, it should be great !!!

All you can eat is would be satisfy your tummy, but if you do not have any patient or self care the it would be terrified. It’s also for this week challenge, after i found my family here then asking me to learn from other whatever i want based on my mind mapping list.

What i thought at first is i have to manage my time, yes, time management. Between online and also offline learning and being mother for 3 kids without any helper at home except my husband.

So decide to watching other family sharing through go Live is ya possible for me, no need to be on time because i can see it at my “me time”. I am happy, children has good sleep. Tomorrow should be better for the new chapter, right?

My New Homeschooler families

I meet them, homeschooler Families. It was the first time in Indonesia, finding online group with similarity mission or vision? By gathering homeschooler from around Indonesia, sure I want to meet them personally, family to family, sharing each other our potential. Is it great idea,